7 Tips for Doing Business by the Booth


Lately, I have been finding myself behind a booth.  Two times as a favor and another time for professional reasons.

Every once in a while, someone that is behind a computer for an average of 18 hours has to return “back to basics” to shore up communication and selling skills.

Here are some lessons that I have re-learned over the past few months:

1. Embrace your inner celebrity -boost you confidence. If you are not confident, how do you expect others to be confident about what your selling?

2. Draw people in – This doesn’t have to be always be visual – although every bit helps. One can open up with an observation or a comment that the other person can relate to.

3. Show off your best side – When you have people’s attention, you should show off you best product or service. When you describe your best, that opens the door to discuss other products and/or services.

4. Call to action in real life – Make it easy for people to do the desired action that you want. For example, I had noticed that while I was at the booth, people had little surface space to rest and write. So, I made an available space in the middle of the display with the postcard and a pen available so that a person would have the space to provide  their contact information.

5. What about questions you can’t answer on the spot? Be honest. Say that if they gave you their contact information, that  their question would be referred to the appropriate parties  and someone would  get back to them.

6. Have some kind of takeway available – If you happen to connect with a prospective customer, make sure they have something of yours in hand. If its a business card, brochure, or a product sample, make sure they have a way to get in touch with you and vice-versa so the conversation can continue  until and beyond the sale.

7.  Have a plan for the fans – People that already fans (users,  former customers) also frequented the booth.  As they say its cheaper to maintain an existing  client then to acquire a new one. I talked up  the client’s social media  outlets, told them about recent news and well as gave them a takeaway item.

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