Too Long to Re-Tweet Tuesday

Its that time again. This time, I’m deciding to designate “Too Long to Re-Tweet on Twitter” to a day, Tuesday.  As for how often I will do this is anybody’s guess.

So without further delay, this is the second edition of  Too Long to Re-Tweet.

Where is the place where it is night 6 months during the year? Does that mean people get to sleep for 6 months, too? And can I move there? (via @halushki)

Auto-follow systems have clearly gone out of control when someone whose made 5 Tweets has 11K+ followers – (none of whom are listening) (via @hacool)

took a couple of days off from Twitter… working on a project… I am back and so appreciate all the retweets and follow friday shout outs! (@via @HeidiRichards)

Thank you Blackberry for conking out on me right in the middle of an important convo. Now white screen and endless hourglass flip…(via @mindofandre)

Companies that try to block all social media are like the guy with his finger in the dam trying to hold back the water. #BWE09 (via @tom8williams)

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