Facebook. Its not all fun and games


As I said some time ago, when I signed up on Facebook, there were many business  and networking contacts of mine on there.

Now today, the situation turned 180 degrees and  there are more friends than business contacts.

I love my friends dearly, else they wouldn’t be friends. However, there are times when I can’t play the latest Facebook game. I still have business contacts on Facebook and I don’t want them to see last year’s Halloween picture.

Being that I am sometimes on Facebook for business purposes, I don’t want one of these situations to happen.

Even though I have created my lists, crossed my T’s and dotted my I’s, I now suggest to all  professional contacts to find me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

How are you using Facebook? Personal, Professional or both?






2 responses to “Facebook. Its not all fun and games”

  1. Shawn Berg Avatar
    Shawn Berg

    Why not create a fan page for your business clients? You can keep this entirely separate from your personal profile but still get the benefits of being on Facebook. It would be fairly easy to keep the fan page business only. Good luck!

  2. Stephanie Cockerl Avatar

    I do have a Facebook fan page and have informed my professional contacts about it numerous times in numerous formats.

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