Time again for Too Long to Re-Tweet Tuesday

Where does the time go? This week went by quickly.

Just in case you don’t know , its that time again.

So lets get started:

RT @chrisgarrett: You know when you are doing something right when customers demand your products when you are not quite ready to sell them 🙂

RT @skydiver: No matter how busy u r, if u can arrange your biztrav schedule 2 spend an hr with ur 90-year-old Aunt, DO IT. 🙂 http://pic.gd/c5f181

RT @mollydotcom: Interesting Accessibility/Section 508 fact – the US NSA (National Security Agency) is the only agency completely exempt from 508 rules.

RT @technosailor: I wish there was an easy way to send an email to all of my LinkedIn connections. LinkedIn fails me again… guess I’ll go get a beer

and last but not least…

RT @UberTwiter: The twitter team has reproduced the retweet issue where retweets over 140 characters are silently dropped…they are working it

Tune in next week for more.

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