Reflections on Hybird Teaching

I saw edustir’s recent post about teaching and it had me thinking. Granted, I haven’t taught in nearly 4 years. However, I wonder just how easy it would be for me to get  back into it.

Would it be like riding a bike? They say you never forget how to ride a bike.

The students today however are much more web savvy then they were 4 years ago. They are a bit more comfortable with researching, blogging and networking at least.

When I implemented blogging into my classes, I was considered some what of a renegade.  Now, students can’t get enough about blogging about themselves and their experiences. Even some faculty have started to get into the act.

We have been starting to realize that people learn in different ways and that 90 minutes to 2 hrs of class time isn’t always going to get the point across.

Instructors have to realize that even though the tools always change, but the learning goals  have to remain consistent.

Now, I wonder what type of teaching and experience it would take to be a good instructor.






One response to “Reflections on Hybird Teaching”

  1. Ron Avatar

    So long as you have the will, you’d easily jump right back into it. I think honestly, having the experience of having done it before and then trying to do it now, might even be easier because you understand the process in a way that I never experienced from in front of the classroom. Though admittedly, I treated the whole thing a lot a speaking event, except I have to give them homework. (which admittedly, the hybrid format and my course’s particular subject matter don’t really lend themselves to all that well.)

    I think your main point is valuable, though. It’s about what the content is, not the delivery method and I’ve tried to maintain that even as the way I’ve taught the class has evolved over the year.

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