When was the last time you organized your bookmarks?


Looking for a quick weekend project ?

In keeping with the change in time, I also decide to go over the bookmarks toolbar.

Last week, I was listening to The Digital Marketer’s podcast about bookmarklets. Not only did I decide to add a few of my own, but I also decided to review and audit my bookmarks.

If you are on Firefox, you go to Bookmarks >Organize Bookmarks or Ctrl+Shift+B, then click on the Bookmarks Toolbar.

You can go about this several ways. You can click on “Visit Count” and see how many times you have been to a site.

You can also group the sites based on function, i.e, email, social, operations, blogging, etc. and also examine the count. One can also examine the sites they use everyday vs. the ones they use one in a while.

Are some links seasonal, i.e. “Fantasy Baseball”?  Then establish a folder for that and take it out again when the first signs of spring training appear.

There also may be some sites that you need for reference that you may need occasionally. i.e. in my case the Transit site to see if trains are running normally or not. I would want that easily accessible as well.

The main point is it nice to do some “fall cleaning” especially when it means making your bookmarks more efficient to use.


One response to “When was the last time you organized your bookmarks?”

  1. Katy Avatar

    Okay, you got me motivated to do this while watching football today…thanks!

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