Tuesday’s Too Long to Re-Tweet

Yes, folks. Its that time again.

Even though I was slightly distracted by all the lists popping up, I still kept my eye out for too long to re-tweet tweets (try saying that 5 times fast.)

Here we go:

RT @gwenbell: Have you ever had the perfect blog post land in your lap? That happened tonight for me at the checkout counter. Ho, boy did it ever.

RT @debbahaupert: Charlie Brown is the 1 person I identify w/. He is such a loser. He wasn’t even the star of his own Halloween special.  Chris Rock #quote

RT @hacool: Does the black hat SEO guy who commented on one of my SEO posts seriously think that comment will get approved? not a good use of his time!

RT @Scobleizer: Remember what I was kicked off of Facebook for 24 hours for? That’s right. Using software to get access to email addresses. Now it’s in API!

RT @danatodd: NYT article: media buyers don’t want to buy newspaper premium ad space directly if they get it cheaper on ad networks http://bit.ly/sgbHn

RT @tamar: dear facebook, when one creates a business FB page, you should have a box under the Info tab that lets businesses give details. just saying.

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