It’s Tuesday again…

Its that time again. Even though I’m in a melancholy mood, the show must go on.

So without further delay.

RT @tamar: tip: if you are trying to get 500 fans for your singles dating facebook page via twitter, it’s a good idea not to target married people.

RT @FreelanceSw: Hey don’t forget if you’re working on a secret WordPress project to change the Privacy setting back to ‘Visible to Everyone!, Doh! 😉

RT @laurakozak: 140 characters are easy to fill when you’re brain dead after studying middle eastern history for 5 hours. See? Easy as pie. #onlinej09

RT @ad0: wow, not only can I earn $300-500 a day I can also get my GED on Twitter. who’d a thunk it. all while I sleep too, this is awesome #IH8SPAM

RT @sarahdopp: Evesdropping on a web consultant meeting at a cafe and counting buzzwords: leverage, CRM, time and money, really connect, free tools, …

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