Educational Roundtable at WordCampNYC

WordCampNYC – Nov 14-15

I’m live blogging from the Educational Roundtable session at WordCampNYC.

Some thoughts that have emerge already is that WordPress is the bridge that enable end users to readily contribute.

Moving beyond the blog using a stream. (I wished I’d arrived on time for @erinblaskie presentation.

@photomatt – Multiple mediums pushed into one.

Letting the students  make there own decisions

@photomatt – “Having the domain name is the new American dream”

Good Question: How to get students engaged with Blogging in Education, where they have *so* many other options?

@photomatt ‘s response – Blogs need to be more engaging.

If  (the blog) is for a class, its homework.

Not about owning or renting (a domain), its about being found.

It doesn’t always have to be a blog.

@BaruchBlogs – Since NYT reported that Harvard now has student bloggers, this helps make a strong case for other institutions.

@photomatt – Its possible to have multiple authors per post. for students who want to collaborate.

@photomatt – Everything that goes online is legacy.

@BaruchBlogs – Being sensitive to what your writing and who you are writing for is key.






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