Revisting the Broadband “Pay As You Go” Plan

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate.

Remember when I did that post about finding a pay as you go wireless connection? Well, while I was at WordCampNYC (more on that later.) I *had* to go and get the Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go Wireless USB Card because I was paranoid that I would have a web connection during my presentation, much less the rest of the conference.

I found a quiet corner, followed the directions and I wasn’t able to connect the card. So I called Virgin’s Customer Service and they were very good with talking me through the process.

The only drawback is the pre-paid cards. Once you put it in the system, you only have a month to use them.

I got the $20 card which has 250MB data. I have like 225MB left. I would have been better off with a $10 card. At least now, I have no excuses not to get away from the office and roam.


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