Tweet Tuesday Again at the 11th Hour

Its down to the wire with this week’s Too Long to Re-Tweet. So here we go:

RT @tamar: don’t you hate it when people you haven’t spoken to recently come out of the blue and ask for retweets? where’s the relationship building?

RT @kylejames: #stamats09 Who cares about 5K followers on twitter – it’s about quality not quantity.. “come on who really has 5K friends?” -@create20

RT @tom8williams: Business schools must find a way to attract successful entrepreneurs to teach or learning will shift away from schools. #PaulGraham #BoS2009

RT @KarlynM: being yelled at that i MUST move up to the front of the room in this session (a) i don’t like being told where to sit (b) no #amahighered

RT @BrentDPayne: I am updating my voicemail to be what Googlers have on their phones “Phone is a bad way to reach me. Please email me or call my cell.”

RT @bradjward: Great talk with 2 college students on last flight. Too many marketers forget about the “ordinary student”. Don’t forget the basics.

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