FavoriteTweets from WordCampNYC


Since its WordPress Wednesday, I thought I would recap my favorite tweets from WordCampNYC.

FYI, just in case you didn’t read my previous post, my Stats Showdown presentation is posted.

Here are the tweets. Enjoy!

@MircoSteph Also lots of notepads not many laptops out just interesting to see especially at a bloggers conference #justsayin #wcnyc

@tylerbreed Great tips on video-making… Ex. Don’t interview someone up against a wall. Put person in middle of the room! #wcnyc

@privatestorm common sense: don’t use buddypress on shared hosting #wcnyc

@torlowski are you a #WordPress pusher? Do you encourage others to use #WP? or maybe a distributor? #wcnyc

@jasonalley OK. Elastic Theme is off the hook sick @drylk! #wcnyc

@technosailor Let me rephrase. @anildash standing to ask @photomatt a question froze my early departure from #wcnyc

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