Are Calendars going in the Way of Watches?

The passage of time

Another month has come it with the realization that this year is nearly over. It seems like yesterday that we were just welcoming 2009.


My grandmother asked me this morning if I turned the calendar over. The truth is that I haven’t “turned it over” in months.


In between my laptop, desktop, phone and Touch, its actually rare that I check a paper calendar. As a matter of fact, I can’t remember the last time I purchased a paper calendar.


One can say the same for watches. Once in a while, I see someone I know with a watch. Otherwise, people check the time on their PDA devices.


So to satisfy Grandma’s need for me having some kind of tactile calendar, yet not having to shell out up to $15 a year. I decided several months ago to get a whiteboard calendar.


Now when the month comes in, all I have to do is erase and fill in the blanks.

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