Tis the Season for Too Long to Re-Tweet

After the Thanksgiving holiday and playing a week of catch up,and being a day late, we are practically back up to speed.

So without further delay:

RT @johntunger: I actually took an entire weekend off. Even though I feel guilty about making people wait for responses to email. Tomorrow, my friends.

RT @PhilipNowak: Finding a domain name that is interesting, meaningful, memorable and available is very difficult as well as very time consuming. #domain

RT @calinative: Dear USPS, I’m tired of burning my daytime mins for the 3rd day this week trying to get you 2 figure out where my package is. Sincerely, Me

RT @cspenn: Today is Dec. 1. Archive any mail, unread articles, etc. older than Nov. 1. You’re not getting to it and you know it. (via @cc_chapman)

RT @randfish: Night before Thanksgiving – up late working on projects due on Friday. Feels like companies don’t really take Turkey Day off anymore…

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