A Day Late and a Dollar Short for Too Long to Re-Tweet

As usual, work has suddenly become busy and everyone wants everything done yesterday (including my grandmother.)

I had to go “hide” in a coffee shop in an undisclosed location to get this out. So enjoy.

RT @tishgrier: If you see or know a female vet, thank her for her sacrifice: http://bit.ly/87OOKp becz there’s prob no way you can understand it.

RT @ErinBlaskie: Customers are not always right. I believe in excellent customer service but I also won’t let a customer determine how my business is run.

RT @SavvyAuntie: Ricky Gervais wrote his first The Office at 40. It’s not too late to begin living life to your potential, just in case you thought it was.

RT @corvida: Twitter really needs to do something about these racial trending topics. The latest is perpetuating the wrong stereotypes about my race.

RT @mypolaropposite: To salesppl: Try ur pitch on someone w/less resolve cuz it won’t work on me. No means no, not keep on talking & I might.

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