My Moleskine Notebook

Open Red Notebook and Red Pen

Whenever I forget to do something, my grandmother always asks me “How come you didn’t write it down?!”

There is something about writing it down that makes it stick to memory.

However, when people think of me, they normally do not think about pen and paper.

When I thought about stationery in the past, I thought about special occasions.

To tell you the truth, over the years, I had an on-again, off-again, relationship with pen and paper.

Typically, when I am with pen and paper, I am commuting.

The notebook that has motivated my to keep track of my goals is my moleskine notebook.

Every time I take it in my hands, I feel a sense of calm, and  purpose . Writing my goals on paper gives my a permanent reminder only do I have a place for my goals, but I also see the progress within me.

Even though in this age of CRMs , PDAs and spreadsheets, there is still value in writing it down in a notebook that I like, no love.

How many notebooks can I say that about?



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One response to “My Moleskine Notebook”

  1. Christine Avatar

    ahh notebook love. I can relate to this.

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