First 10 of 2010: Too Long to Re-Tweet

Welcome to the first too long to re-tweet of 2010. We hope you had a happy break. I know its early Wednesday morning on the east coast, but its still Tuesday for most of the USA. Since that’s straight, lets get started.

RT @penelopetrunk: I love my gmail drafts folder cause it shows a glimmer of aptitude for anger management: Tons of pissy email missives, each one left unsent.

RT @BrentDPayne: Reflecting on some very wise words from an ‘old boss becomes new friend’ I received a few weeks ago. He was precisely accurate.

RT @laurakozak: It took me nearly 5 hours, two cups of tea, 4 bathroom breaks, 1 salad and a few “Mark all as read” but I got my Google Reader down to 0.

RT @SavvyAuntie: My FB friendships are getting so crazy out of rhelm of reality that I dont even know the 13 people we have in common! Time to say no…

RT @AllisonCNN: I’m trying to get in a habit of using four square, but I think the only places I will ever be the mayor of are my apartment and my cube.

RT @fienen: 2009 was nothing. 2010 is not the start of a decade, it’s the end of one. You start counting at 1, not 0. 2010 is the end, 2011 the start.

RT @GrantGriffiths: Million dollar businesses are run from a home office.  Anyone who says these are not serious businesses can kiss my ass.

RT @tamar: i just learned that facebook won’t let you add more than 6 tags (people tags) per status message. such a shame! twitter doesn’t have that!


RT @dcap: Want to easily backup and search your own Twitter feed by date/keywords? Subscribe to your feed with Google Reader + search your folder. #fb

RT @LisaBarone: Okay, I should at least attempt to go to bed early tonight.  Fitting 6 days of work into 2 should be….well, I stocked up on coffee.



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