Paid Search, please don’t send coupons to customers if they can’t use it

One of my clients received a mailing from a paid search provider saying that they are entitled to a coupon.

My client’s paid search campaign is more than a year old.

I called the company to confirm this because I’m tired of receiving coupons that do not apply.

This company did not have any “fine print” on the coupon, so I’d called to inquire.

Most of the time, the client has to be a “new” client, not having an active account in the past year.

I have also received coupons in the past from other paid search providers with the same stipulations.

What I would like to know is why do paid search companies they keep sending coupons to their customers if people can’t use it?

In these times, shouldn’t they be concentrating on keeping the business that they have?


Or else, they might decide to port the business somewhere else?

Doesn’t this seem like a waste of time, paper and money for all sides?

Please take the time to do a bit of research to find out who your existing customers are before sending them a mailing that is not relevant.





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