The Role of the Website and/or Blog in Social Media

Lately, there has been commentary and opinions about the role the blog in social media.


People have been establishing an online presence in record numbers. This has caused major advertisers to replace their website addresses with Twitter and Facebook pages addresses.


However when the topic of “settling down” emerges, folks are asking the question when and where to do so.


A few years ago, we were having this same conversation about blogs and if they would take away from the website.

Its ideal to have a home base (whether that be a website and/or blog) to archive activity. Some companies have only the twitter account and had have success in whatever means they measure it.


The bottom line is that companies (large and small businesses alike) have to accommodate to visitors of all shapes and sizes. In the same time, people have to publish where and when is appropriate for them.

Some people are still having “trust” issues with the information found in social media channels and  therefore feel that a website needs to be associated with it to validate it.

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