Its Tuesday, you know what that means.

RT @kaseandannasmom: I’m proud to be human when I see ppl helping Haiti, but so many in our own communities are starving. (via @ manhattanspeak)

RT @JenniferLaycock: I’m astonished at how many companies are still setting up social media profiles and accounts without linking back to their site.

RT @problogger: just had email reply to a newsletter that said ‘F@#$ You’ but in a signature asked me to recommend them to anyone who appreciates service!

RT @kristenfischer: i hate when you get all the project prep stuff ready (contracts, etc) and you know you have a bad feeling before you even start “work.”

RT @ErinBlaskie: Okay, I’m off! I’ve been sitting in front of my computer since 9AM and no, I’m not kidding. 17 hours is a long time but it flies by!





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