Are we spreading ourselves too thin by being social online?

I happened to come across a blog post from Chris Brogan names Points of Contact.

A few months ago, I had went though an audits of off all my email, and social media accounts.

At the end of it, I decided to delete 2 email accounts I wasn’t using and stopped actively using a couple of social media accounts. Do I need all my email addresses to be accessible on my phone and my iPod? Do I need my social media accounts to be available on my phone and my iPod?

Saul Colt, put it perfectly in his post about Foursquare. I realize through this exercise that what may be the latest and greatest social tool might not be the best fit.

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One response to “Are we spreading ourselves too thin by being social online?”

  1. Iceman Baldy Avatar

    I think many of us are trying to do too much by being everywhere all the time. Like you, I did a similar inventory of my online involvement and decided to opt out of several email lists, Ning groups, deleted an inactive MySpace account and linked many of my update sites together through an aggregator in an effort to cut myself off from social distractions that had little to no payback.

    It’s important to focus on being where your core community congregates and providing as much expertise and assistance as you can in order to effectively build your brand and enhance your credibility. Being Jack of all trades and master of none backfires in the long run; you can’t build reliable relationships when it’s impossible to keep up.

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