Moderating Blog Posts on the Go

Disclosure: I am a TypePad affiliate.

Over the past week, I was under the weather.

There were mornings that I did not feel like firing up the laptop. Yet the comments on various blogs kept coming in. What’s a blogger to do?

If you have a Blackberry or an iPhone/iPod Touch, you are in luck.

WordPress has a application available both for the Blackberry and the iPhone/iPod Touch.

I did a review on posting from my blackberry.

Plus I was able to easily moderate comments on my iPod Touch.

For those of you on TypePad, there are also both a iPhone App and a Blackberry App.

What ever platform you are on, there is a will and a way to stay on top of your blog, even when you are on the go.





One response to “Moderating Blog Posts on the Go”

  1. Iceman Baldy Avatar

    It’s great that technology has advanced so much in so little time. It was just a few years ago that we marveled at PDAs and their ability to keep our schedules while offering other productivity applications or seeing mobile phones and PDAs converge to give us all-in-one devices. Now, we can use fully capable multi-media devices to organize, entertain, connect and put the full power of the internet in our pockets. It’s all truly amazing.

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