When was the last time you organized your instruction manuals?


It’s always nice when a long weekend comes along. This gives me the time to organize, clean and fix things.

This weekend its all about manuals.

How many times have you received a new gadget, toy, device,  or electronics item? You may have used the manual in the beginning, but what happens months or years from now? What happens when something goes awry and you need to find that one manual to figure it out?

Sure you can go online and try to find it, provided that:

  • You have the right model number
  • That the manufacturer is online
  • The age of the product

How to solve this dilemma? Organize the manuals.

A few years ago, I got a few boxes and decided to designate a box for each room. I then put the manuals for each device in the room that they are in. For example, all the computer and technology items are in one box in the office and all the kitchen manuals are in the box in the kitchen.

This way, I can find the manual that is needed without having to go too far to find it.



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