Does Recruitment Really Ever End on a College Campus

Lately with the discussion of recruitment videos from different institutions wide and far, I’m starting to realize that recruitment doesn’t end when “signing day” or “deposit day” comes and goes.

Colleges and universities have to work not only to recruit new students, but also to keep continuing students to come back.

This weekend, I saw a recruitment video for a campus organization to recruit new members. As the members of the organization talked about their experiences, I realized that for some, its not the lectures that keep students. Its about the support systems and the relationships students build with with each other that keep them coming back the next year.

So, I invite people to not only focus on the incoming class, but also take a look at how current students and alumni are being “recruited”. Institutions ask these audiences to stay involved and to be included in the college’s support system.

So take a note from the business world. It cost less to keep a current student, than to recruit a new one.

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