The Question of a College Degree

Before we start: I would like to reference my Disclosure Policy. This is solely my opinion and no one else’s. 🙂

Today, some may think that college is becoming more of an option than a requirement. In today’s environment when its a challenge for people with *multiple* degrees to gain employment, people are questioning if having that piece of paper is worth it.

Of course we have heard of the success stories of people forgoing college for stardom, and others have also been successful by starting their own companies (ahem, Bill Gates).

What about those stories that we don’t hear about?

Amber Naslund of Social Media Today, recently posted My Dirty Little College Secret about her journey and her decision regarding the question of college.

In the meantime, this shows that its time to look to new ways of recruitment. People  are considering at different stages in life  and its up to us to start the conversation and build relationships in order to continue having college being a part of the conversation.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments?



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