Google Voice: Make a Referral Week

John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing wrote a post about Make a Referral Week, which happens to be this week.

In the spirit of things, I’m going to recommend Google Voice.

Just in case you didn’t hear,  Google Voice lets you screen calls, takes voicemail and you can forward your  calls to your mobile, work or whatever location(s)  suit you.

Recently, I have been using my Google Voice account to contact venues for an event I’m throwing. Its convenient because I am not giving out  a personal number.  The interface is nice because you can read your voicemail in your account don’t have to listen to voicemail “in order” like with most phones.

Don’t have a Google account? We are giving away 3 of them. Just leave a comment  and tell us how a Google Voice Account  can set you free.


  1. Google rocks. Freeing up minutes you waste trying to listen to voicemails… Block old ex’s… I’m loving it.

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