Reflections on the HighEdWeb Regional Conference from Not So Far Away

I was scheduled to attend the HighEdWeb Regional Conference at Vassar College from May 6 -7, but due to circumstances I cannot yet reveal, I was not able to attend.

That didn’t mean that I was totally shut out of the festivities.

(I’m bummed about missing karaoke  night though!).

Thanks to the advent of live streaming video and twitter, I was able to participate a little.

(I was able to even see a  fellow colleague in the first few rows in the video!)

This presentation “Web Analytics: What’s Really Important?” by
Jessica Krywosa, Director of Web Communication, Suffolk University really hit home for me, (even though I was able to hear as much through the live stream).

Other presentations will become available via  the conference schedule page.

Here are some tweets that I did find insightful:

RT @kprentiss: “students love, appreciate, and respect transparency.  video stories can be great for this” #hewebvc

RT @TimNekritz: This goes with one of my mantras: Goals first, then tools. #hewebvc

RT @rachelreuben: Briee says press releases are no longer relevant – completely dead. #hewebvc

RT @MalloryWood: Good quality content does not require a FAQ page. #hewebvc

RT @ColB: Develop that voice, engage the conversation, and over time, people begin to trust you.  #hewebvc

For more insights about the conference, search the #hewebvc tag.

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