Too Long to Re-Tweet Tuesday after Memorial Day 2010


I know its been a while since I did a Too Long to Re-Tweet edition. We get caught up in projects and clients, etc, and before you know it, it is the unofficial beginning of summer.

Well without further delay, and away we go.

RT @BrentDPayne: BTW, since I made this post two days ago, Google is now 301 redirecting the old keyword tool to the new one.

RT @ttronslien: Average age on LinkedIn is 41 RT @mmbc: 40% of linked in members area from India. Country with 2nd most Twitter users is India #pseweb

RT @penelopetrunk: NYC. The Apple store’s jammed like Times Square. But the guys working here are so cute and so helpful: It’s a perfect spot for speed dating.

RT @dcap: I’ve decided that I’m not working for free f any orgs anymore. “Volunteer” work will be w friends for joint causes & community projects. #fb

RT @Scobleizer: Damn, my Sprint phone is MUCH clearer than my iPhone. Must rethink my Apple fanboy status. Big time. Oh, and I can multitask. Yummy!

RT @stacyjill: It’s a little freaky when you look at photos from your childhood, and realize that you have passed the age of your Mother was in the photo.

RT: @RonisWeigh Quiting my job, cutting my hair & the brady bunch – What could they possibly all have in common?

RT: @MeganSmith Ever been talking on your Blackberry, then started looking for it, and get into a panic ’cause u can’t find it? ‘Cause you’re on it? Geez!

RT @ErinBlaskie RT @duanehatfield – “You don’t get paid for what you know, you get paid for what you do with what you know.” John Jackson





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