Linking Round, Flag Day 2010

Tilted stars and stripes flying in the wind on deep blue sky nice background for a patriotic display
Since it is Flag Day and the US Soccer Team tied with England in the race to the World Cup, it was appropriate to retire the links image this time for  Linking Round:

We’re the same, we’re the same, we’re…
This is a great message from Seth Godin, Just be yourself!

Columbus gets creative with clutter recycling program
How a college town takes recycling to a new level. Hey! Why not try this in our own communities!

Daily Tip: Annoyed With the “Uncategorized” WordPress Category? Rename it!
This is a tip that anyone can use right away. Just try to find my “Uncategorized” posts now. Ha!

Do-overs: 5 Things I Would Do Differently in Business
In my opinion, its never too late. That’s the wonderful thing about having your own business. You can change the script and the only person you have to account for is yourself.






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