Too Long to Re-Tweet Tuesday- June 15, 2010

Its that time again, so without futher delay:

RT @tamar: woot! facebook finally made it possible for Facebook Page creators to remove themselves as admins! thanks @meshugavi for the heads up!

RT @DigitalWoman: For every failure you experience, learn, shake off the emotions, and grow. We all fail. Get used to the process /via @chrisbrogan

RT @crossfeednews: Needs to stop following the Steve Jobs keynote while writing a blog for church. The blog is starting to sound like the keynote. #wwdc

RT @thursdayb: I have a groundhog problem. They’ve eaten all of the cabbages in my garden. I’m about ready to have groundhog for dinner here.

RT @BrentDPayne: I have a client website that each time I crawl it, I find another 10% more pages. Kind of tough to analyze a site you can’t find the end of.

RT @saulcolt: Food Network should make a Geo App that let’s you know when you are close to any of the restaurants featured on Diners Drive Ins and Dives.


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