Weekend Project: Organize your computer files


Is it taking forever to find a file?

Are you sifting through files that you haven’t needed or used in a while ( 6 mos. or a year) in order to find what you need?

Do you have a spare weekend afternoon?

It would be a good time to organize the files you use often vs. the ones you don’t need.  During the process, I realized that I was mentally holding on to folders that I haven’t accessed in over a year. I decided to put all the files I didn’t need in an “Old”  or “Archive” folder.

Also I found a way to save some space for my online backup service, because I realized a had bunch of duplicate files. So finding some “pocket change” is always good news

In the off chance that I would need them again, I wouldn’t have to look too far.

In the meantime, I can now give my energy and focus to the files that  matter.



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