Too Long to Re-Tweet Tuesday, After Independence Day 2010

Today, we salute those who break out of the box, meaning people who’s tweets are so long, that other’s aren’t able to re-tweet them without them getting lost in translation.

So let us march on with another edition of Too Long to Re-Tweet:

RT @campustweet: Colleges attempting to speed up their degree programs, meet Obama’s challenge for higher ed – /via @USNewsEducation

RT @kristenfischer: RT @BrazenCareerist: Are you stuck in a routine?  Take a step back, relax, and take control of your life via @mattChevy

RT @ducttape: I wonder if you would be more valuable to clients if you showed them how to find answers rather than tried to give them answers?

RT @lexirodrigo: Wow, updating my iPod Touch to iOS 4 sure is taking forever. I hope it’s worth it (and that multitasking doesn’t make my ADD worse).

RT @wpmuguru: Yes, it has 🙂 RT @andrea_r: indeed RT @bradleypotter: Feeling thankful for WordPress today. It is literally changing my life in many ways.

RT @_unwellness: Twitter, I am going to bed. Not that I’m going to stop reading you. I’m just putting you down for a second and changing locales and devices.

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