WordPress Wednesday takes on The great WordPress vs. Thesis Debate

wp-2.0-button vs.  thesis-125x125-1.png.scaled500

(Why did this have to happen on the week I installed Thesis on the storefront!?) WordPress, just in case folks don’t know is open blogging software. Thesis (aff link), is a premium theme (you have to pay to use it) that operates on WordPress.

The way that I understood it is that one of the consultant got booted off the WP consultants list for openly promoting the Thesis Theme. I have been using WordPress since 2006. I have been developing custom themes by hand for most of that time. I started using child themes almost a year ago. Around that same time, I also  started using the Thesis Theme.  Clients were requesting that their sites be built with Thesis, because they kept hearing about it on the web. Thus, I decided to create a “showcase” Thesis Site to demo my abilities with it.

I don’t develop every site with Thesis. Just take a look at my latest project, developed with the Twenty-Ten theme that comes with WordPress 3.0 On the other hand, there are a handful (maybe more) of companies that sell themes and child themes and I wonder what their viewpoint on this is. No matter were you stand on the issue, no one can say that they didn’t benefit from WordPress in one way shape or form.

As for me, I’m caught in the middle. I have gotten by without both WordPress and Thesis for a long time. (Which is why its always good to brush up on the basics.) I’m afraid for the folks who don’t know how to hand code or manually install a theme, much less a CMS. There’s nothing left to do now but just wait on the sidelines, watch and see where this stands.





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