5 tips for #Blogher10. Are you Ready?

A month ago, a neighbor asked me what to expect from Blogher. I know I should of written this post then, but better late than never. Plus some things can apply to any conference.

  1. Patience – It can take up to a hour to go 5 miles, so if your want to do the tourist thing (or not), plan accordingly. The transit here has seen cuts, plus the weekend schedule can be “alphabet soup” so go to the MTA site to make sure your trains and busses are running.
  2. An Open Mind – No matter if you are a Blogher Newbie, or if this is you 5th or 6th time, its good to be open to meeting people, learning, respecting other opinions, and more importantly, having fun.
  3. Connect – As some know, you can go incognio, but make sure you have a way to connect, if its through a Twitter account or a business card.
  4. It’s OK to Chill – Take a break. Walk around the block. Take a nap, or find a quiet corner. We all need to take the time to step back and charge our batteries (and the other devices.)
  5. Be Present – Even if you can’t attend the conference, you can follow along with the hashtag #Blogher10,  or on Flickr.

I can’t wait to see you all and welcome you to my hometown of New York City whether it be in person, or virtually. Now, I’m off to get some last minute gear.

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