Too Long to Re-Tweet: The #Blogher10 Edition

Its that time again, but with a twist.

I tweeted what I could, but there where some tweets that were, lets say it, “Too Long To Re-Tweet”.

So without further delay:

RT @hollywoodhwife: I wish that in the panels, they had the panelists name and Twitter up on the screen.  Would help tremendously. #blogher10

RT @Digitas: Don’t be too quick to moderate (blogs/networks), sometimes the best conversation stem from the community talking with one another. #BlogHer10

RT @tkgpr: Overheard @ #blogher10: LinkedIn is my office, Facebook is my front porch, Twitter the corner store RT @SmartBrief: RT @SBWorkforce #solopr

RT @sandy_carter: Favorite quote so far #BlogHer10 “Analytics is the new Black”  Exploit new info explosion!   #IBM Ceo Study #ibmpartner

RT @acorndreaming: My take away from publishing panel – Publishing is possible, but requires the author to be marketer as well as writer #blogher10

RT @MorethanMommy: Honored that @cecilyK @kimt205 @looneytunes @anissamayhew @mayhewp are sharing their stories, humor and strength with us. #blogher10

RT @connieburke: Awesome to catch up with @Sugarjones at #blogher10. Just love ppl who can pick up right where you left off even if it’s been a year.

RT @TechyDad: To my new #BlogHer10 followers: Please be patient with me. After we get back/settled in I’ll go through my new follower list to follow back.





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