Jet Lagged Too Long to Re-Tweet

The title says it all.

RT @stephfierman: In A Fog: by Stephanie Fierman
There’s been a bit of a scramble among brands seeking to leverage AMC’s popular ser…

RT @GothamOrganizer: RT @TexasOrganizer: Finish off the day with “closing ceremony”. Start 15 min b4 you want to leave. Put it back, make a file, or pack up.

RT @ddeclemente: Build your social community by focusing on passive users 1st.  These people spend the most time on social sites.

Can family and Facebook truly co-exist? RT @sugarrae: I had to remove my little cousin from FB due to constant offensive status messages #sigh #yesoffendedME #itcanhappen

And yes, I know its Wednesday…

RT @lorelleonwp: Has anyone counted up how many Plugins are in Mind Blowing WordPress Plugins I’m afraid to count them all. #ocdfw

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