Labor Day Links

Since I’m still lagged, I thought It would be best to post some “Working” links I found useful over the past few weeks.

Yellow hard hat on white background with reflection

Business Owners are Always Looking for a Job – As a Business Owner, one can never truly rest especially on vacations and holidays. Adrian Miller voices her option on why business owners are always loking for thr next opportunity.

How to Handle Difficult People – Every working person had to deal with a difficult person at one point in their professional career. This article has tips on how to deal and when to know when its time to move on.

10 Requirements for Working with Clients in Other Countries – Another inevitable fact is having to work with people from other countries. This articles maiy discusses working with clients, but the tips can be applied to any situation.

Remote Working from Anywhere – I found myself working from my family reunion. I admit working with family members all arround can have its challenges, but there were some days where I was able to have the place to myself and work.

Lastly, a Tip for this Tuesday morning that we will all need (except those still on v-k), Monday Morning Productivity Jump Start. I will be using these tips today (Monday) since business owners ever really have a day off.

Have a good Labor Day everyone.

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