How do you Archive Your Bookmarks?


Do you feel that links are everywhere and you don’t seem to have one central place for them all?

Sure some say “Why do I have to worry about my links? That how come  I have my browser.”  However what happens if you computer goes down or crashes?

That’s why I use Xmarks.  Xmarks syncs your bookmarks, across multiple computers if necessary. So on I  am able to have my bookmarks  on both my computers without missing a beat.

Others my say, ” Well, all the links that I like are on my feed reader or insert  any social media network here) & they are starred, favored and/or saved.”  That’s great, but what happens if someone asks your advice on something and you need to retrieve THAT link to get the answer?

I have returned back to after a 6 month hiatus. I admit it. I was also starring & favoring for the last 6 months. I admit, I got lazy.

So I am as I’m writing this post, I am archiving links I liked from both my feed reader and social accounts and putting them into

Well, what about Evernote? I use Evernote more for goal setting than archiving. I have used  the “Clip to Evernote”  bookmarklet, but having a designer eye, I’m a bit wrinkled (for lack of a better term) about how the note displays after its clipped. I know its all about the content.  For now, goal setting and visioning works just fine for me.

After all, someone said that its not good to have all the eggs in one basket.

So, how do you archive your bookmarks?


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