Weekend Project: Moving Blogs

It all started with this image similar to this on the nextSTEPH site:


I then contacted Dreamhost customer support and asked them what I needed to do.

They directed me to this link as to how troubleshoot for this sort of thing.

Well after 2 days of inactivating plugins and deleting lines from code, I finally put up the white flag.

Red flag flying in a stiff breeze against a clear blue sky.
Red flag flying in a stiff breeze against a clear blue sky.

I decided to de-install the current WordPress setup and install a new one.

In the process, I also inadvertently deleted the blog!

Previously I had two (that’s 2 ) WordPress Installations running under the same domain.

So, I figured the next best thing was to not only build back up the business site, but also to establish this site as its own.

Luckily, I had a backup up until last year and the recent posts from my Posterous blog, so with the help of the Posterous Importer, I was able to get this back as close to normal as possible.


So if there are missing images, etc. You are going to have to “Pardon the Dust” for a while on both sites until I get back on track.





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