Is your Emergency Tool Kit in Place?

Stylized first aid kit isolated on white background

Yesterday stated out like any other Monday holiday. However by the afternoon, an emergency would change my plans.

The plan was to do some cleaning and some web work, unfortunately, I smelled smoke & it was nearby.

Due to my health history, I did not want to “hang out” and see where the smoke was coming from, so I bolted.

When I got settled and the other destination, I did a mental checklist.

  1. Do I have a place to go to in case of an emergency?
  2. Are my ICE (In Case of Emergency) numbers in place on my cellphone.
  3. Are my files backed up?
  4. Do I have insurance (homeowners or rental, Business and Medical)?
  5. Do I have a plan to grab the most important things I need?

Of course, one should not have to wait until they smell smoke to think about these things.

Most folks would say when the time changes (which is soon) is a good time to review emergency and evacuation plans.

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