Virgin Mobile MiFi 2200 Review


Given everything that has happened in the last 48 hours and since my internet access to my cable provider is down, this seems as good as time as any to finally do a review on the Virgin MiFi 2200 card.

I was on the MiFi predessor, the USB drive before switching over to the MiFi.

I did the switch over the phone since I had the previous account.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to keep the same account number.  Such is the way with “Pay as you go” accounts.

(Sidebar: I also wasn’t able to keep my grandmother’s number when we switched her mobile account to a “pay as you go” account)

Actually, I am on the mifi  right now. It is charging because I use it while I’m commuting to connect via my iPod Touch.

I am a bit bummed because Its only lasts an hour or so until it has to be charged again.

Also, its gets pretty heated as well, so it wouldn’t be wise to use for a long period of time, i.e. an hour.

Overall, the service is good to use in a pinch, but I would be quick to use it as my primary means of connecting online.






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