Weekend Project: Organize Your Photos


Lately, I have been going from one event to another. I barely have enough time in between events before going to the next event. At the same time, photos in my PDA and my digital camera start to accumulate.

We all have been there, you have the perfect opportunity to get that once in a lifetime shot (Eminem’s Lose Yourself (Soundtrack Version) [Clean]
playing in the background) and sigh, there no more room on your device! So what to do? You quickly go through the shots you already have and figure out which picture(s) to delete in order to make room for that new shot.

Why go through this scenario time after time?

Here are some suggestions to avoid this from happening to you.

  1. Simply transfer your photos to your computer after each event. I know, easier said than done. If after the event is not possible, try the weekend after. I schedule at least  an hour a month or so just to organize pictures.
  2. Open a Flickr account. If you have a PDA, you can email your pictures from your device. No need for the middleman computer.
  3. There are many online photo accounts out there. Take your pick.

Why did I finally decide to organize my photos? Tune in soon when I intend to break out of frames.


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