SEO vs. Social Media, the Debate continues


No matter what side of the fence that you’re on, we can all agree that social media has made an impact on search and vice versa.

A few weeks ago, SEOMoz did a post titled Five Ways To Use Your Social Profiles For SEO for their Whiteboard Friday post. This is important since whenever someone does a name search, the social media profile has a good chance of showing up on page 1. said in his post Blogworld presentation, that if he had to start all over again, that he wouldn’t be so concerned about search since its ultimately the users not the search engines who visit the site.

On the other side of the fence, MediaPost says that SEO is Not Dead.  It states that SMO is a method of SEO.

Also CopyBlogger proudly states that SEO Copywriting Still Matters.  According to the graph, Social influence counts for roughly 5% of Google’s Ranking Algorithm.

On  the other hand on Google, we can already see some evidence of social elements at work with recommended links from one’ s social circle  and once being able to star items when they are logged into the Google network.

So who’s going to win, or can we just call it a draw?


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