Why I “heart” Evernote.

Since the Thanksgiving weekend was a long one, I had an extra day to tackle my storage unit. The list of the items I brought with me to the unit were markers, tape, a pen, a notepad and scissors.  Little did I know, it would be my cellphone that would become the MVP (most valuable player for you non-sports fans) of the trip.

My original goal was to open 5 to 10 boxes at a time and record what was in each box with the pen and notebook.

However, I was stopped in my tracks by a text message. After I read it, I focused on the Evernote app I installed over a year ago. I didn’t think much of it until I opened my first storage box. I took the picture of the item, then I sent it to my Evernote account and I would sort it into a new notebook later.

The process went fast, that I cataloged more items than I expected. Now dealing with the storage is not so bad now that I know exactly what’s in the boxes.

The best things about Evernote is that its free and its everywhere (iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry and Desktop, Mac & PC versions) so there is no excuse why I can’t access information from my Evernote account.

Do you have an Evernote account? How are you using it? For business, personal, or both like I am? 🙂

Learn more about Evernote or sign up for a free account.





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