Trying to Drive #reverb10

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December 18 – Try What do you want to try next year? Is there something you wanted to try in 2010? What happened when you did / didn’t go for it? (Author: Kaileen Elise)

Being that I am a born and bred New Yorker, and with public transportation practically at my doorstep, driving has not been a priority.

I have taken numerous lessons, but would always freeze up with nervousness before the test and therefore not pass it.

I’m not going to say how many times I took the test, but I became frustrated and hung up my driving goal. I do realize with a license I could expand my client base and take Gram wherever she wants to go, but…

I said that I’m going to try again, but I haven’t found the time due to eldercare, work and finances.

Hopefully, with help and support, I will be finally able to accomplish my goal of finally obtaining that drivers license



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