One Year Later, How did I do?


Happy New Year Folks.

If you recall from last year, to the day, I declared my 10 of 2010  list.  So how did I do?

  1. Stay healthy or else the rest of this list won’t matter. Bad allergic reaction at a party. Long story. Health is always a work in progress.
  2. Either upgrade or buy a new desktop computer.
    I actually brought a laptop and I won an iPad.
  3. Finally get my driver’s license (I’m a native New Yorker, so driving hasn’t been a priority.)
  4. Schedule informal Coffee Conversations with friends and colleagues.
  5. Spend more time with my family (especially my growing niece.)
  6. Write more with pen and paper I have been writing & blogging more especially thanks to #reverb10,  Evernote and the iPad.
  7. Speak or attend at more conferences than I did last year. Attending yes, speaking not so much. Does being a Genius at WordCamp NYC count?
  8. Look for collaborative opportunities with resourceful people
  9. Find clients that I enjoy working with so that work doesn’t feel like “work”. Like my health this is also a work in progress?
  10. Achieve one more internet certification. Actually 2 more thanks to certain developments in the industry, but that’s what make this all the more fun:)

So this year, instead of adding more goals. I’m going to focus on the ones I didn’t finish and work from there.

A couple of tools that are helping me through this are:

O Dream Board. If you are familiar with The Secret , and the The Law of Attraction you probably know about Vision Boards. You don’t have to go to the supply store to start your vision board. You can now create a vision board online.  I have already created 2 online boards and I’m more focused now than I was last year.

I also found a tool via the #reverb10 resources called How to Conduct Your own Annual Review by Chris Guillebeau.  You can adjust the categories and goals as you see fit. It can be also be a great tool for some to use to see measurable results.

Do how did you fare with your goals from last year? What did you learn? How are you going to use it to propel you forward in 2011?





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