Domain Downsizing

A scale with a tape measure wrapped around it tied in a bow. The display window says HELP! White background. Dieting concept.
Domain diet.

A few years back, I wrote a post on how I needed to go on a Domain Diet. Now that I have a long weekend to sit back and analyze things, I decided that it was time to let 2 of my domains go.

It surprisingly wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. How it went down was that the domain renewal reminders were sent to me. I then asked myself a few questions.

  1. How often am I updating this website/blog.
  2. How many posts/updates did I do on the website/blog
  3. Can I incorporate existing blog posts into better performing blogs? After all, I totally wouldn’t want to discount the work I did.
  4. Can I create a subdomain/tag if necessary?

This long weekend (if you have it) is an ideal time to review your sites and ask yourself are you making the most of your domains.






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