Backup your Computer – Backup Awareness Day

System Error
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What would you do if you suddenly lost access to your computer files?

Well, that’s what happened to me.

I called my computer manufacturers support line. After many attempts to get me online for an online meeting, the only choice was to clean everything off the computer through a factory restore.

For a second, I silently screamed because I had 2 active projects. After wards, I realized I already had 2 tools that would get me back up to speed.

The first thing I did was reinstalled Xmarks. Xmarks syncs your bookmarks, across multiple computers if necessary. So I was able to have my browsing console back immediately, which meant that I could almost work liked if nothing happened.

The next place I went to as soon as I was online is Mozy and requested a restore. They tell you when your restore is ready for download and you can then go ahead and download your files back to your computer. Mozy is available for both Mac and PC.

Also, I signed up for a Dropbox account a few weeks back. This is ironic since I was told that there was mechanical damage to both my external drives. Like Mozy, Dropbox provides a free 2GB account. This has been extremely helpful because I can transport files from my PC to my Mac and vice-versa.

A little bit of risk management planning can go a long way. Its never too late to think about “what if”?


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    […] Learn what you can do today to backup your computer and important files. […]

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