My First Digital Sabbath. How did I do?


A week and a half ago, The New York Times posted an article about an app that reminds you to unplug.

After a beyond *busy* week last week, on Friday night , I consciously decided to unplug (apologizes to my friends that were expecting me to hang out.)
Luckly for me this coincided with the National Day of Unplugging. This meant from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday, no Twitter, Facebook, Web or email.

Friday night, I veged out in from of the TV, and read magazines I was napping on and off. It really wasn’t a “good night sleep.”

Saturday, I was cooking and cleaning. The only time I’ve “fallen” was went after Nana called Saturday afternoon  (hey the cell phone is *the* only phone I have) and I *mistakenly* looked at the email list. I did not open any though.

Now it is Sunday morning, but I can’t fully go back online yet due to obligations and such. Oh, and having seasonal bugs also helps too in staying away from the wired world.

Have you taken a sabbatical from the Internet for a day? How did it go?








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