Need a Twitter account? Why consider it?

Why does one need a Twitter account?

Why does one need a Twitter account

Why does one need a Twitter account when they have a Facebook account when they have a Facebook account?

I had a Twitter account before I had a Facebook account.  I use Twitter mainly for business purposes.  So my opinion *may* be a bit biased.

  1. Trends. On Twitter, you can keep on track of the trends to know what everyone is talking about. You can then use that knowledge to contribute to the conversation or start your own trend.
  2. News – If for nothing else, one may need a Twitter account to keep track of news. The news sometimes comes out on Twitter before the major news outlets.
  3. Listen. Not everyone has a Twitter account to blast their information. People have accounts just to “listen” and follow the accounts they want.
  4. Twitter improved my ability to be brief. Its not easy summarizing your thoughts into 140 characters, but at least I know it helped me to be brief and to state my point. If you want to drone on, use a the Facebook Page account (320 characters) or use a blog.
  5. I know it hard to believe, but everyone doesn’t want to connect on Facebook, (or gasp!) have a Facebook account. I know I don’t want to connect to everyone on Facebook. If I know them professionally, I rather have them connect on Twitter or better yet, LinkedIn.
  6. Lastly, the one reason why one may need a twitter account its important to claim your handle, name /brand your and/or company name. Please make sure you have the proper permissions (Trademarks, etc.) from the start. Sure, its easy to say not now, but you’ll regret it later when someone else is tweeting with your name.

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